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Friday, October 28, 2016
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Music Notes: October 24

Posted on Sunday, October 23 at 19:31

Hi Everyone:


After a great week of workshops and learning, I’m happy to be back in Fort Nelson as we gear up for some exciting events over the next few weeks! It’s going to be busy (but really, when is it not?).


This Week’s Schedule

-          There will be morning rehearsals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only (No Thursday – after concert, No Friday – RLA has no classes)

-          FNSS Class Band will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week. Thursday will be the only PE day.


FNSS Halloween Concert

-          Wednesday, October 26 starting at 7pm in FNSS Gym

-          Students need to arrive no later than 6:40 (earlier is preferred)  

-          FNSS Tour Band, Sr. Jazz, Class Band, and Sax Quartet are performing (no RLA ensembles)

-          Uniform is a Halloween costume (or all black)

-          Parents and students are asked to bring a dessert to share

-          Everyone is invited to attend, admission is by donation / free


Band Clothing

-          Thanks to all the RLA students who submitted designs

-          I have narrowed it down to four designs for class band, and three for class band (attached)

-          Voting will take place on Monday and Tuesday during class

-          The winning T-shirt will be announced on Wednesday and order forms will go home next week

-          FNSS clothing has also been created and is will be available for purchase for all students

-          Those interested in FNSS clothing are asked to complete a quick survey so I can ensure we will have enough to meet minimums

-          The survey can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/A6tfP3D2Fil639HJ2


Tour Band – Toad River Trip

-          Date has been set for Tuesday, November 15th

-          Students will travel up to Toad River, collaborate with the students, visit the hot springs, and perform an evening concert

-          All Tour Band and Sr. Jazz band students are welcome to travel (including grade 6s)

-          Itinerary and permission form are attached (will also be handed out in class). Due in by next Monday please.

-          No cost for students traveling to Seattle

-          $50 for those not traveling to Seattle

-          In need of 2-3 parents to help chaperone… if you are interested please let me know ASAP!


FNSS Term 1 End

-          We are quickly approaching the end of term 1 at FNSS and the following will be due by October 28

  • Concert Ab Scale
  • Two Excerpts from our Halloween music
  • Compositions 1 – 6, including a recording
  • Rhythm Ear Training Exercises
  • Chapter 4 in Breezin’ Thru Theory

-          Progress Reports will be available next week as term ends on November 4


RLA Students

-          Grade 5 students should now know their first three notes and are working towards completing all the songs up to #18 and higher

-          All students should be taking their instrument home and practicing on a regular basis – it’s the only way to get better! I’m still seeing lots of instruments left at the school on Friday afternoon L

-          Parents are encouraged to actively be involved in encourage their son / daughter to practice

-          Grade 6/7 students will continue to be tested on a Concert Bb scale this week and will be expect to perform excerpts from our current pieces by the middle of November

-          Students interested in performing a duet / trio / solo at the year-end concert should start thinking about what they want to perform as I will begin making the list next week


Supply Orders

-          Most of the supply orders have arrived (including folders), and will be handed out this week in class

-          There are a few items that were backordered and will be in next week


Seattle 2017

-          The 2nd payment of $250 is due in by Friday

-          Over the next few weeks I’ll be contacting those who are missing paperwork so we can make sure it’s complete

-          There are still lots of chocolates available for sale in the band room – we are now out of mix boxes (only almonds / mints left)


Upcoming Events

October 26: FNSS Halloween Concert

October 31: Spookerama

November 1: Seattle Payment #2 - $250 due
November 4: Grade 6/7 Combined (9:00 – 10:30)

November 5: Bingo #2

November 10/11: FNSS Concert Band Remembrance Day Performances

November 15: Tour Band Toad River Trip

November 18-19: Mr. J Away in Victoria

November 26: Craft Fair / Garage Sale

December 6: RLA Winter Concert

December 7: FNSS Winter Concert


Have a great week.


Mr. J

Music Notes: October 10

Posted on Monday, October 10 at 20:18

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and had a chance to share some time with family and friends and enjoy the lovely sunshine we had this afternoon.

Band Social

-          Thanks to all the students for a fun evening on Friday night! It was great to see so many attend this year.


-          Chocolate blitz sold over $1400 of chocolates in just under two hours!

-          Chocolates are ready to sell!

-          There are 30 boxes in each case, which box sells for $2 each

-          You must prepay for the entire case ($60)

-          When you sell the case, you keep the money (you earn back your prepayment)

-          Your fundraising account will be credited with approximately $28 for each case you sell

-          The other $32 is used to cover the cost of purchasing the chocolates

-          All students are able to sell – no limit to how many cases you can sell

-          We likely not order anymore, so when they are gone, they are gone

Grade 5s

-          Students must now be bringing their method book to class as we will start using it this week

-          It is expected that students are practicing their first three notes at home over the next week, and hopefully learning the first 5 by the end of the month. The first few months are crucial to success in band!

-          Home practice should focus on a good sound and good posture

-          The Grade 5s will have their first combined rehearsal of the year this Friday so be sure to have an instrument and book at school

-          There are still a number of parents who need to sign / complete Sight and Sound rental forms. If I contacted you last week please ensure you drop in before Friday.

Supply Orders

-          Everything has been ordered and should be arriving by the end of the month 

RLA T-Shirt

-          Deadline for T-shirt submissions is Friday, October 14

-          The site to create a design is www.customink.ca

-          Contact me directly if you require more details

Mr. J Away

-          I will be way October 16 – 23 for training and the BCMEA Music Conference in Vancouver

-          All morning rehearsals will be canceled on the 17th, 18th, and 19th.

-          I will still be checking email on a regular basis so don’t hesitate to contact me if any issues arise

FNSS Halloween Dessert Concert

-          The first concert of the year will be our annual Dessert Concert on Wednesday, October 26th in the gym at FNSS

-          Groups performing include FNSS Tour Band, Sr. Jazz, Concert Band, and Sax Quartet. No RLA groups are performing at this concert.

-          Students are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes for this concert

-          We will also be looking for parents /students to bring desserts to share

-          Admission is by donation

Upcoming Events 

October 14: T-Shirt Designs Due In
October 14/15: Fall Frolic Fundraiser
October 16 – 23: Mr. J away in Vancouver
October 19: No School for FNSS
October 20-21: No School District Wide
October 26: FNSS Halloween Concert
October 31: Spookerama
November 1: Seattle Payment #2 - $250 due
November 5: Bingo #2
November 11/12: FNSS Concert Band Remembrance Day Performances
November 15: Tour Band Toad River Trip (tentative) 

Have a great week!


Mr. J

Music Notes: October 2

Posted on Sunday, October 2 at 20:23

Hi Everyone!

October has officially arrived with our first snowfall of the year.

Grade 5s

-          All students should now have their instrument (unless away last week)

-          Thanks to those who made it on Saturday for the Squeak and Squawk day – already some great sounds!

-          Additional workshops will be planned in the coming weeks

-          First month is critical for success – regular practice is the key!

-          Watch the DVD that comes with the book or watch online at www.fnssmusic.ca for expert tips and suggestions

-          Question / concerns – contact Mr. J at the high school


Grade 6/7 Combined

-          Our first combined rehearsal of the year will take place for all 6/7 band students on Friday, October 7 – 12:23 until 2:02

-          Friday’s will alternate between grade 5 and grade 6/7 combined rehearsals

-          Full year schedule is attached to this email

-          Mrs. Froese is taking the non-band kids during this time so students do not miss any academic, or more importantly, PE blocks due to these extra rehearsals


RLA Band T-Shirt

-          Students who want to submit a design need to attend the meeting at lunch recess on Monday, October 3 for a tutorial

-          Designs are due in by October 14


Band Social

-          Permission forms are due in by Tuesday

-          Starts on Friday @ 8pm, pickup by 8am on Saturday

-          Bring $2 for midnight pizza



-          Thanks to all the parents who helped out with Bingo on Saturday night – it was a great success

-          Over $2200 raised (better than last year’s September bingo)


Supply Orders

-          All the orders have been received and will be placed this week

-          Expected 2-3 weeks for delivery (handed out in class)


Chocolate Blitz

-          Hopefully arrive early this week

-          If so, planned blitz on Thursday starting a 7pm until 8:30pm

-          Will post on Track My Fundraising / Facebook once confirmed a go


Upcoming Events

-          October 3: RLA Band T-Shirt Design Tutorial @ Lunch Recess in Computer Lab

-          October 6: Chocolate Blitz @ 7pm (if they arrive)

-          October 7: Grade 6/7 Combined Rehearsal

-          October 7: FNSS Band Social

-          October 10: No School

-          October 14: T-Shirt Designs Due In

-          October 14/15: Fall Frolic Fundraiser

-          October 16 – 23: Mr. J away in Vancouver

-          October 19: No School for FNSS

-          October 20-21: No School District Wide

-          October 26: FNSS Halloween Concert

-          October 31: Spookerama

-          November 1: Seattle Payment #2 - $250 due


Have a great week.

Mr. J

Music Notes: September 25

Posted on Sunday, September 25 at 15:11

Hi Everyone:


Gr 5 Instruments

-          All grade 5s will be receiving their instrument this Wednesday / Thursday in class and will be able to take them home 

-          Students should watch the DVD that comes with the Sound Innovations book before practicing at home this week 

-          If you don’t have a DVD player, you can watch the videos on YouTube

-          The first 6-7 short videos are the most important to watch during the first few weeks of playing

-          These videos are also a good refresher for those students in grade 6 to 12, and those new to band this year

-          Those who are renting from the school are reminded they will need to purchase a book and reeds (for clarinet and sax). Many already paid this amount when they paid their rental fees – thank you! You can order these items using the supply order form.


Squeak and Squawk Day – October 1st


-          All new band students are invited to attend a short 45-minute “101 basics” workshop on their instrument on Saturday to help them get off to a great start

-          Not mandatory, but highly recommended as it will cover instrument assembly, hand position, breathing, embouchure, instrument care, and first few notes

-          Times are as follows:

  • Flutes: 10am
  • Clarinets: 11am
  • Alto Saxes: 12:00pm
  • Trumpets / Baritone: 1pm
  • Trombones: 2:00pm

-          Will take place in the High School band room

-          New grade 6/7 band students are also highly encouraged to come


Jr. Jazz

-          Starts this week on Tuesday @ 11:30 in the band room (note this is different from last year when it was on Wednesday)

-          Open to all RLA grade 6/7 students – grade 5s can join after Christmas if they want a challenge (and fun!)

-          Friday morning rehearsals will start at 8am


Supply Order / Parent Contact Form

-          Due in by September 30th

-          Attached to this e-mail if you didn’t receive one


Seattle 2017

-          We are now up to 19 students with their forms in

-          If you plan on traveling, please have the form in by the end of the week so we have firm numbers for costing out the trip


Band Social

-          This year’s band social will be happening on Friday, October 7th starting at 8pm in the band room.

-          Open to all FNSS Band students and those RLA students who perform in tour band

-          Permission form is required to attend (see attachment)


Upcoming Events


Sept 27 – Jr. Jazz Being @ 11:40am

Oct 1 – Squeak and Squawk Day (FNSS) – See above for times

Oct 1 – Band Bingo @ 7 pm (Community Hall)

Oct 7 – FNSS Band Overnight Social

Oct 10 – No Classes

Oct 14 – Clothing Designs Due

Oct 14 – Chocolate Sales Begin (tentative date – may be earlier)

Oct 20/21 – No School (Pro-D)

Oct 22 – No School (FNSS Only)

Oct 26 – Halloween Concert @ FNSS (for FNSS Students only)

Oct 28 – No School (RLA Only)

Oct 31 – Spookerama Fundraiser

 Have a great week!


Mr. J

Music Notes: June 13

Posted on Sunday, June 12 at 19:56

Hi Everyone:

Year in Review: Wow – its been a busy but awesome year! I am so proud of how far everyone has come over the last year and want to extend a huge thank-you to students and parents who helped make all our events such a success. It wouldnt be possible with out your support. Here is a summary of what the Music Department has accomplished over the last 10 months  

  • September: New grade 5 band students, Sandbagging, Bingo
  • October: Band Sleepover, Chocolate Sales, RLA T-Shirts Halloween Concert, Spookerama
  • November: Remembrance Day Ceremony Performances, Bingo
  • December: Breakfast with Santa, Two Christmas Concerts  
  • January: Community Musical, Bingo,
  • February: Flamingoing, Greek Dinner
  • March: Spring Concerts
  • April: FSJ Trip (Gr 6/7, Jr. Jazz – Silver, Gr 5 – Bronze), GP Trip (Tour Band, Sax Quartet – Gold, Jazz – Silver)
  • May: Hawaii Trip
  • June: Honour Band Concert, Year-End Concert, Band BBQ and Social

Seattle 2017: Those students who are interested in traveling to Seattle in 2017 are reminded to have their application packages in by June 17 if at all possible. The firm deadline will be September 30th, but the more confirmed I have early on will help nail down our costs. Applications can be picked up from the band room.

Grad 2017: I want to say a huge thank-you and good luck to the seven graduating Music Department students this year: Bailee Baldridge, Shawn Bramhill Desiree Brown, Braeden Gairdner, Jason Jang, John Partridge, and Tyson Scott. All the best in the future – we will miss you!! Be sure to check out the YouTube video of the FNSS concert if you want to hear my speeches for each of these grads.

Sr. Jazz: Reminder we are performing at the awards ceremony this Wednesday @ 1pm. We will meet in the band room at lunch for a quick run through of O Canada and to get set-up in the gym. Uniform is NOT required.

Year-End Reminders

  • Students are not required to bring instruments to class as we will not be practicing
  • All SD 81 instruments, uniforms, and original sheet music must be returned to FNSS this week
  • Those renting from Sight and Sound who do NOT plan on being in band next year must return their instrument via Greyhound (send collect)
  • New fundraising events will continue to be posted on the Music Department Facebook page
  • Those who want to borrow instruments over the summer can contact me after June 27 when inventory is complete to make arrangements

This is the last newsletter for the year! I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer vacation and I look forward to working with everyone again in the fall! If you have a questions, feel free to send me an e-mail over the summer and Id be happy try and answer it.

Mr. J

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