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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Music Notes: January 29, 2017

Posted on Sunday, January 29 at 19:41

Hi Everyone:


I hope that everyone has had a relaxing weekend and students enjoy their extra day(s) off! Into February we go!


Mr. J Away – Changes to Schedule

-          I will be away in Prince George from Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon this week  

-          Mr. Dibble, a trained music teacher will be covering for me while I’m away

-          There will be NO Sr. Jazz nor Jr. Jazz at lunch on Tuesday

-          There will be Sr. Jazz Wednesday morning

-          There will be tour band on Thursday morning

-          Regular schedule resumes on Friday (I’m back)

-          Students will be playing during regular class and need to have their instrument


Forms Due

-          Rehearse-a-thon forms need to be in by the end of the week

-          FSJ Permission forms and payment need to be in by February 17

-          Copies of both can be found in last week’s email


Seattle 2017

-          Next payment of $250 will come out of your account this Friday

-          Qiara and I will be contacting those who are still missing paperwork / passports / etc. soon.


RLA Combined

-          This week we have grade 6/7s combined on Friday AM



-          Thanks to those who helped with the band bingo this weekend – it was another great success

-          Spread the word about flamingos – it’s a 100% profit event for us (and it’s fun) – www.fnssmusic.ca/flamingos

-          We have about 15 cases of both almonds and mints left to sell

-          I haven’t heard back about the Valentine’s event so it will likely not go ahead

-          Next meeting will be February 7th at 7pm in the library


Upcoming Events

January 30: No School (Curriculum Day)

January 31 - Feb 2: Mr. J Away in PG

January 31: No Sr OR Jr Jazz Band Rehearsal

February 3: Tour Band Forms Due

February 3: Seattle Payment Due ($250)

February 3: Grade 6/7 Combined in AM

February 7: Fundraising Meeting

February 11: Tour Band Rehearse-a-thon (7:30 - 11:30)

February 13: No School (Family Day)

February 14-16: Mr. J Away in Victoria

February 17: FSJ Forms Due


Have a wonderful week everyone!

Mr. J

Music Notes: January 23 - 29

Posted on Sunday, January 22 at 21:11

A big hello from the Band Room!


First off I want to thank everyone who attended Shrek Jr this past weekend at the Phoenix Theatre. We performed to two full school shows, two full evening shows, and a 150+ matinee audience! I am extremely proud of the cast and crew that put in so much hard work and dedication to make such a production possible in our community! THANK YOU!! If you are interested in being on stage for next year’s show we will be having auditions in early September. Now with the musical finished I can resume our “regularly scheduled band programing”.


FNSS – Term 2 End

  • Last day for any term 2 work will be Friday, January 27 at 4pm
  • PR sheets will be handed out to students on Tuesday in class
  • Students can come in on Thursday / Friday to complete work and playing tests




FSJ Trip

  • Dates confirmed for April 25 / 26
  • Attached is the information and permission form package for the FSJ trip
  • A copy will also be distributed to students this week in class
  • It is a long way off but I need to know who is going (or not going) so I can adjust instrumentation for festival  
  • Currently have one parent chaperone – hoping to get 2-3 more – let me know if interested and able!


Tour Band & Rehearse-a-Thon

  • Rehearse-a-thon is scheduled for Saturday, February 11, 7:30 -> 11:30pm
  • Permission form is attached
  • All students who are planning on traveling to GP / Seattle should plan on attending
  • Really important as we are missing a LOT of rehearsals in February due to holidays, travel, and PRO-D days


RLA Combined Rehearsal

  • Grade 5s will be this Friday @ 9am
  • Grade 6/7 got canceled last week due to FSA testing


Upcoming Events:


January 25: Last Day of Semester 1 (FNSS)

January 26: No Tour Band

January 26-27: No School (FNSS Only) – There WILL be Jr. Jazz on Friday AM

January 28: FNSS Bingo @ 7pm

January 30: No School (District Wide)

January 31 - Feb 2: Mr. J Away in PG

February 3: Tour Band Forms Due

February 3 – Seattle Payment Due ($250)

February 11: Tour Band Rehearse-a-thon (7:30 - 11:30)

February 13: No School (Family Day)

February 14-16: Mr. J Away in Victoria


Have a fantastic week!

Mr. J

Music Notes: December 11, 2016

Posted on Sunday, December 11 at 20:17

Hi Everyone!


Whew – that a busy week it has been. First off congrats to all the students for two amazing concerts last week at the Phoenix Theatre. I’m extremely proud of how well everyone performed. Bravo!! Second, thanks to everyone who helped with and attended Breakfast with Santa on Sunday! It was a great success and wouldn’t have be possible without such a great team in the kitchen and on the floor. This upcoming week is rather light on activities as we head into the Winter holidays.


Morning Rehearsals

  • All AM rehearsals are canceled this week as our music did not arrive
  • We will resume are regular schedule on January 3rd with Sr. Jazz


RLA Class Band

  • All RLA students do NOT need to bring their instrument to class band this week as we will not be playing


RLA Mini Concert

  • There will be a casual Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 15 @ 2:20 at RLA
  • All band students should have their instrument and music at school for this event as we will be playing some Christmas songs
  • Band T-Shirt are NOT required
  • After this event, all band instruments should go home – do NOT leave them at the school over the winter holidays


FNSS Potluck / Secret Santa

  • FNSS students are reminded that we will be having our class potluck / secret Santa on Thursday this week
  • Don’t forget to pick up your gift (max $20!!)


Shrek Jr Musical Tickets

  • Now available for purchase at the Phoenix Theatre
  • Show dates are January 20 and 21st @ 7pm
  • Price is $10 + tax
  • Tickets for the Saturday night show are already 75% sold!
  • They make a great gift for those hard to buy people on your list


Upcoming Events

December 12: Mr. J Away @ Toad

December 15: FNSS Band Gift Exchange and Potluck

December 15: RLA Mini Christmas Concert

December 16: Last Day Before X-Mas (Pancake Breakfast for FNSS)

January 3: School Resumes

January 20/21: Shrek Jr Musical

January 28: Band Bingo


Have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas holiday and we will see everyone again in January!


Mr. J

Music Notes: December 4, 2016

Posted on Sunday, December 4 at 20:29

Happy December!

Hold on to your hats and warm up your vehicles as it’s going to be a busy and cold week ahead! Brrrr…

Winter Concerts

-          Concerts take place this week – they are both going to be awesome and I’m pumped to have everyone (including myself) perform

-          Any RLA student who needs to pick up their band shirt should do so on Monday or Tuesday morning

-          Extra shirts will be brought to the theatre on Tuesday evening

-          Please don’t arrive at the theatre any earlier than 6:15 (unless told to do so for set-up help)

-          The live stream feed will be http://www.youtube.com/user/mrrekcah/live for those who can’t attend in person

-          Please refer to last week’s email for details about the arrival time and other expectations (or visit www.fnssmusic.ca)

-          Parents need to contact me in advance in their child is unable to attend so I can mark them excused

-          I always leave the band room open on concert evenings so if something is forgotten you will be able to get it from the band room

Breakfast with Santa

-          Fundraiser has been posted on TrackMyFundraising

-          We will need extra griddles to cook pancakes - please let me know if you can bring on Sunday morning

-          I’ve attached the poster that you can share on social media with your friends and family

Rehearsal Schedule This Week

-          Jr. Jazz will rehearse Monday at lunch instead of Tuesday, and will not meet again until the new year

-          Sr. Jazz will rehearse Tuesday morning, but not Wednesday or Friday at lunch

-          Tour Band will rehearse Monday, but not Thursday morning

-          Final combined rehearsal for all Gr. 5s will take place on Monday afternoon at 12:30 – 1:15

-          RLA students will NOT need their instruments on Wednesday / Thursday for class band as we will be watching the video from the concert

RLA Mini Concert

-          All RLA students will be participating the RLA mini Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 15 @ 2:20pm

-          Be sure to have your instrument and music

-          Band T-Shirts will NOT be required for this event

Fundraising Meeting

-          We will be having a brief parent fundraising meeting on Monday evening at 7pm at FNSS just to talk about Breakfast with Santa and make sure I’m not missing anything

 Upcoming Events

December 5: Fundraising Meeting @ 7pm - FNSS

December 6: RLA Winter Concert @ 7pm - Theatre

December 7: FNSS Winter Concert @ 7pm - Theatre

December 8: No Tour Band in the AM

December 9: Seattle Payment Due: $250

December 11: Breakfast with Santa

December 12: Mr. J Away @ Toad (There will be Tour Band though!)

December 15: FNSS Band Gift Exchange and Potluck

December 15: RLA Mini Christmas Concert

December 16: Last Day Before X-Mas (Pancake Breakfast for FNSS)

Mr. J

Music Notes: November 27, 2016

Posted on Sunday, November 27 at 20:47

Hi Everyone!

It’s the last week of November and only three weeks left to go until Christmas break!

Winter Concerts

  • Grade 5 Parents a more detailed letter is attached and will also be handed out in class
  • RLA – December 6, FNSS – December 7 @ Phoenix Theatre starting at 7pm
  • All students should arrive at the theatre no later than 6:40pm (but no earlier than 6pm please)
  • It is an expectation that all students attend the concert unless there is a valid reason they can’t make it (out of town, sick, etc.)
  • Parents must contact me in advance if their son / daughter cannot attend so I can mark them as excused
  • Uniform for RLA students is the band t-shirt and clean, dark pants with indoor shoes (no big winter boots on stage please)
  • Uniform for FNSS students is the usual black pants, shirt, socks, shoes, vest and tie
  • Please ensure that students have all the required black clothing as it can be distracting when one person is wearing blue jeans and white shoes

RLA Combined Rehearsals

  • The groups were both sounding great last Friday – things are now in the home stretch!
  • Both grade 5s and grade 6/7s have combined rehearsals again this Friday so will need instruments and music at school 
  • Grade 5s @ 1:17 – 2:02
  • Grade 6/7s @ 9:00 – 10:15


  • All clothing should be in by the end of the week and will be handed out in class 


  • Thanks to those who helped with the Garage Sale and Craft Fair on Saturday – everything went great! 
  • Breakfast with Santa will be posted this week – this is the last major event before Christmas
  • Keep your eye open for bussing events as they often sneak up during the holiday time
  • FNSS Santa Elves fundraiser goes live Monday Morning
  • There are still lots of chocolates in the band room for those who want to sell – they make great stocking stuffers
  • Next Seattle payment of $250 is due on December 9th.

Upcoming Events

December 2: RLA Combined Rehearsals (All grades)

December 2: All clothing distributed by end of week

December 5: Fundraising Meeting (tentative)

December 6: RLA Winter Concert

December 7: FNSS Winter Concert

December 8: Parent Fundraising Meeting

December 9: Seattle Payment #3 Due - $250

December 11: Breakfast with Santa

December 12: Mr. J in Toad River (Tour Band will rehearse)

December 15: FNSS Secret Santa & Potluck

December 16: Last Day for Christmas Break

January 3: School Resumes


Have a great week. 

Mr. J

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