Fort Nelson, BC

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Courses Offered for 2012 - 2013

RLA - Grades 5-7

Courses offered at RL Angus are:

  • Concert Band 5
  • Concert Band 6
  • Concert Band 7
  • Jr. Jazz Band 6-7

Grade 5-7 band classes are optional and take place twice a week for 50 minutes as part of the regular school day. Jazz band is optional and open to grade 6 and 7 students who want a challenge. The class is run outside of the school time table at lunch.

FNSS - Grades 8-12

Courses offered at FNSS are:

  • Jr. Concert Band 8
  • Sr. Concert Band 9-12
  • Sr. Jazz Band 8-12
  • Tour Band

Both Senior and Junior Concert Band is run within the timetable with extra rehearsals being held in the morning. Students who are unable to fit concert band into their time table are more than welcome to attend the morning rehearsals as long as they are willing to make the extra commitment to practice regularly at home as they will have less time to rehearse the music.

Jazz Band is run outside the timetable to allow as many students as possible to enroll in jazz. The Senior Jazz will often have additional performance throughout the year at various venues and functions.

Tour band is for students who are interested in traveling with the band. It meets Monday and Thursday morning at 7:45. All students who wish to travel must be part of this ensemble.