Fort Nelson, BC

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Performance Rubric

All students at FNSS are required to perform a number of playing tests each term. These tests are designed to help students grow musically and push thembeyond the skill they have already acquired. For each playing test, students will be graded on a scale of 1-5, where one means the students requires signifigantly more work on his or her part, and fivemeans they have mastered the skills requied to play the excerpt at a superior level. It order to assist students with understanding the level of performance expected of them, I have created this online "Audio Rubric" which allowsstudents to clearly hear the difference between a level 1 performance and a level 5.

The written PDF can be downloaded by clicking here. Note that the level of performance required by a student in grade 8 to achieve a superior rating is less than that of a student in grade 12. The table below links to the audio files and their corresponding excepts.

CategoryDeveloping (1)Fair (2)Good (3)Excellent(4)Superior (5)
Tone Quality
Excerpt JPG
Developing ToneFair ToneGood ToneExcellent ToneSuperior Tone
Note Accuracy
Excerpt JPG
Developing NoteFair NoteGood NoteExcellent NoteSuperior Note
Rhythmic Accuracy
Excerpt JPG
Developing RhythmFair RhythmGood RhythmExcellent RhythmSuperior Rhythm
Excerpt JPG
Developing ArticulationFair ArticulationGood ArticulationExcellent ArticulationSuperior Articulation
Excerpt JPG
Developing StyleFair StyleGood StyleExcellent StyleSuperior Style