About Us

Who are we?

The musical director, Mr. David Johnstone, graduated from the University of Victoria’s Music Education program as a trumpet player. This is his 11th year in Fort Nelson and looks forward to another exciting year of music making in Fort Nelson. All students who are interested in joining any of the ensembles are more than welcome – there is no audition process to join.

The FNSS and RL Angus Music Department provide music education to students in grades 5-12 in Fort Nelson, BC. Fort Nelson is a small community of around 3000 people located in the northeast corner of the BC. Students in grade 5-12 have the opportunity to participate in concert band, jazz band, and small chamber groups. Each year the groups travel to participate in festivals, attend workshops and concerts, and have fun!

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Music Department Philosophy

The goal of the FNSS / RLA music department is to provide students with the highest quality in music education. Students will learn through listening, analyzing, singing, composing, and performing a wide variety of music styles. Students are expected to not only perform at a high level on their instrument but gain an understanding of music theory, ear training, and history.

Goals include:

  • Develop competency in problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision making through experiences with music
  • Develop literacy in music, including familiarity with the conventions of written music
  • Connect knowledge gained through experience in music with other aspects of their lives
  • Use expressive skills gained in music to convey meaning in other aspects of their lives
  • Demonstrate understanding and appreciation of artistic and aesthetic expression
  • Develop independence, self-motivation, and positive self-image through experiences with music
  • Practice co-operation in social interactions involved in the creation, exploration, and expression of music
  • Develop discipline and confidence through experiences that demand focused and sustained practice
  • Appreciate the role of music in society