The FNSS Music Department uses a site I created called “Track My Fundraising” ( to plan, organize, and track our fundraised money. Every music student has a sub-account within our general chequing account. When money is deposited into the chequing account, it can be placed directly into a sub-account. For example, when a student makes a trip deposit, the money will show up in their account when they log-in, and they can easily print off a receipt of that transaction. When the time comes that I need to make a payment to the travel company, I can withdraw the amount from each student’s account and move it to the ‘general’ sub-account. This makes it incredibly easy to generate fundraising reports at any time that indicate income, expenses, profit and how much money each student received.

Students and parents can easily log-in at any time to check their account balance with a secure username and password. The can also use the site to sign-up for fundraising events or be notified when their balance has been updated and a new fundraising event has been posted.

Being a member in band, unfortunately, brings with it some additions costs that are not encountered in other classroom settings and I want to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to access all that band has to offer – not just those who are able to afford it.

All music department students are able to participate in fundraising events to earn credit in their band account, regardless of whether or not they plan on traveling on a trip. Students would then be able to use their earned funds to pay for various music-related services and events. Students are only able to use funds from their band account to pay for the following items:

  • Trip Deposits
  • Instrument Fees (rental, purchase, repair)
  • Music Supplies (reeds, valve oil, cork grease, music)
  • Music Department Clothing / Uniforms

Students are not permitted to “withdraw cash” from their account to spend on whatever they wish – it must fall into one of the five designated categories and be tracked through the website for accountability.

Students are permitted to transfer their funds to another student if they wish.

If a student has a positive balance at the end of the year, it can be carried forward to the following year. A student who has a positive balance and doesn’t return to the Music Department in September forfeits his or her balance and it will be returned to the general sub-account.

Hardship policies are in place to assist those students who want to be an active member in the music department but don’t have the necessary funds nor the ability to participate in fundraising activities. Any student who wants to be in band is able to.