Instrument Rental

Instrument Rentals

If you do not already own an instrument, renting an instrument will be required to be in Concert Band. There are two options for renting.

  • Sight and Sound: Sight and Sound is a highly reputable company based in Terrace BC who specializes in musical instruments.
  • School Rental Plan: The School District has a limited supply of instruments available for rental.

Sight and Sound Rental Plan

How it Works

The Instrument rental-purchase plan is essentially a lease agreement, valid for a maximum of 24 months. The minimum lease is 2 months.

At any time during the term of the rental-purchase agreement, you can cancel the lease with no penalty (Subject to the minimum 2 months’ rental fee) simply by returning the instrument to one of our stores in Terrace or in Prince George.

Option to Buy

As part of the rental-purchase agreement you may at any time buy the instrument. There are real advantages to doing so. Consider this, when you decide to buy, all rental payments to date are subtracted from the rental-purchase price of the instrument.

Also, if you decide to buy within the first 6 months of the lease agreement, a further 20% discount will be applied against the outstanding balance. If you decide to purchase the instrument after 6 months but before one year we offer you a 10% discount.

Rental Payment

Once you have made the initial 2 months rental payment, you will be billed every 2 months until the lease expires. At the end of the 24 month lease agreement, you may either rewrite a new lease agreement or buy the instrument. For your convenience, all major credit cards and automatic bank debit services are available.

Outright Purchase

Rather than lease through our rental-purchase plan, you may choose to buy the instrument outright. There are substantial savings available to you by doing so. Prices are available on request.


Insurance is available at $4.00 per month – plus taxes.

Guaranteed Buy-Back Plan

If your child decides to discontinue music studies after you have purchased an instrument on the “Outright Purchase Plan,” Sight & Sound offers you the protection of the “Guaranteed Buy-Back Plan.”

Here’s how it works: Sight & Sound will buy the instrument back from you for the same price you paid – less what would normally have been the monthly rental fees had you rented the instrument. This offer is valid for a full 12 months beyond the date of sale.

Please note that the “Guaranteed Buy-Back Plan” only covers outright purchases – it does not extend to rental-purchase conversion.

Rental Costs

Instrument New Prev.
Flute $25 $18
Clarinet $25 $18
Alto Sax $45 $35
Trumpet $25 $18
Trombone $25 $18
Baritone $60 $50

Sight and Sound BrochureYou will also be required to purchase a Sound Innovations Book 1 for your child, which is $15. You will also want to purchase enough supplies to last you through the entire school year, as there is no store in Fort Nelson to purchase them and only limited extras are kept at the school.

You can download the complete Sight and Sound brochure here.

School Rental Plan

There are a limited number of instruments that students are able to rent from the school district. The cost is $125 per year regardless of the instrument rented. It is expected that students return the instrument at the end of each school year so it can be sent out for regular maintenance. Instruments are provided on a first come, first served basis, with priority going to those who have rented from the school in previous years (so students can use the same instrument year after year). Contact Mr. Johnstone for further information.